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  1. Set Special Code for Numbers

    Hi there, I am sorry that currently we only support US Social Security Number format. If you go to Special>Arbitrary Mask to customize the format for the French Social Security Number, there is no option of a letter which represents for the space only. So I am afraid that currently there is no way to satisfy your specific request on this. I will forward your suggestion to our product manager and hopefully we can add more features in the future. Regards, Heidi
  2. Print to PDF.

    Hi John, I am afraid that currently the logic for the virtual print for our printer is to open the created PDF on the program. It does not provide the option of save as dialog when printing the file. That is a good suggestion though, I will forward it to our product manager for further consideration. Thanks for your feedback. Heidi
  3. How to align text at the bottom of an text field box

    Hi Patrick, Are you using Windows version or Mac version? Can you take a screenshot to show me the error you referred to? Looking forward to your reply. Heidi
  4. Hi Rafael, I am sorry that for now our program cannot meet your demand. It does not support API to integrate with external application. We will consider developing this function in the future. Thanks for your feedback. Heidi
  5. How to purchase a life licence

    Hi Luca, For your info, the license for PDFelement 6 Professional such as single-user license or multi-user license are all perpetual license. Please be assured that it is one-time fee instead of annual/monthly subscription. And there is no extra fee after purchase. Hope this piece of info can be helpful for the decision-making. Regards, Heidi
  6. Tester license key lost

    Hi all, In case someone who might experience the same thing--lose the license key, it is advised to contact us to submit a ticket with your purchased email or order number provided and we will help you retrieve the license code: http://support.wondershare.com/ Hope this piece of info can be useful for sorts of people. Heidi
  7. Hi Matthias, In order to help us duplicate the issue, can you please confirm the program version for us? Please open PDFelement 6, and click PDFelement 6 Pro>About PDFelement 6 to check about the program version and take a screenshot to show us. Actually, we did a test on our latest version 6.4.4 on both PDFelement 6 for Mac and PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac and did not replicate this issue. So if you are not using the latest version, can you please update to the latest version and then try again? If the same problem occurs to the latest version on your side on whatever PDF document you tried, can you open the Text Field Properties, and go to the Options tab, then take a screenshot to show us the settings? If you make any progress on this, feel free to let me know. Heidi
  8. MAC & Windows licensing

    Hey there, The license for Mac and for Windows is not interchangeable. Because Mac version and Windows version is slightly different in functions and UI. Besides, they are developed by two different teams. If you buy single-user license, then the license can only work one device for one time. But You can remove your license code to a new computer for once without any problem. One license allows you to use the program on 2 computers for the case of replacement. (Note: not at the same time) Thanks for your understanding. Heidi
  9. Reinstall pdf element

    Hey there, You can remove your license code to a new computer for once without any problem. One license allows you to use the program on 2 computers for the case of replacement. (Note: not at the same time) There is no special procedures. All you have to is to use the license code to register in the program on your new computer. So you do not have to purchase a new license when you change your computer. Just go ahead. Regards, Heidi
  10. Preserve Aspect Ratio of Phot

    Hey Martin, I understand that this feature could be essential for some users who are operating on Mac. I will forward that suggestion to our product manager. Hopefully, our Mac version can be equipped with this feature just like Windows does. Regards, Heidi
  11. Hey Lea, No worries. You found us! Did you download the Mac version or Windows version? PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac is only compatible with Mac OS 10.10 or above. Since you just began to use this program, FYI, below are the user guides for Windows version and Mac version successively. https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html If you have any question, feel free to let us know. Heidi
  12. Does PDF Element work with OS X High Sierra?

    Hey all, Hope this thread can help out those who fail to download OCR plugin. Please find the full *.dmg with OCR plugin for download under the following link: http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement6-pro-ocr_full2992.dmg Regards, Heidi
  13. Danish language

    Hi John, I am afraid that currently the supported OCR language does not include Danish. Here is all the supported OCR language: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-know-what-languages-are-included-in-the-supported-ocr-languages.html I am pleased that rest of the program seems like a perfect choice for you. Best Regards, Heidi
  14. Date Picker Field

    Hi Pete, I wrote the answer in another discussion module where you posed the questions: Regards, Heidi
  15. Text Field Properties

    Hi Pete, I am not sure if you need calendar feature or you need to select a date from the alternatives. Our program can help you set a combo box where you can select the date from the drop-down list. Here are the detailed instructions for you to follow: 1. Click Form>Combo box. 2. Add a combo box in the document. Right click it to choose the option of Properties. 3. Go to Format tab. Choose Date and select one date format that you prefer. 4. Then you can go to Options tab and add the item to the item list. 5. Then the items you added will be in the drop down list. See below. Hope this helps. Heidi