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  1. 3 pdf to Formulair xls

    Hi there, I wonder whether you are using Mac device or Windows device? Our program does support to batch data extraction to extract data from scanned PDF files and the extracted data can be exported to a CSV file. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Heidi
  2. Batch File Size Optimization

    Hi Adam, Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I have forwarded this advice to our programmers and they will take this feature into account in the future products. Best Regards, Heidi
  3. checkbox

    Hi Brueckner, After you add a checkbox, you can right click Form>Form Edit and then right click the checkbox to choose the option of Properties. Then in the check box properties, you can go to Appearance tab to change the font, color or size for the checkbox. Or you can go the Options tab to change the style of the symbol within the checkbox. Hope this helps. Heidi
  4. Hi there, I am sorry to know about this issue and any inconvenience it caused to you. Here is a download link for the version 4.1.0 of PDF Converter Pro: http://download.wondershare.com/pdf-converter-pro_full839.exe If the problem occurs, please go to Control panel >Hardware and Sound> Devices and printers to check all the printers in your computer. Then right click the printer that you want to set as default printer to choose the option of Set as default printer. Hope this helps. Heidi
  5. adding new employees to the account

    Hi Lenore, I wonder which product do you refer to? PDFelement or SignX? Can you share me with the licensed email address so that we can have a further check for your account on our side? Looking forward to your reply. Heidi
  6. Reports?

    Hi Chris, I am sorry that our program does not support the reports feature according to your description. For how many documents were processed by all users over a given time period, I wonder whether you refer to the case when all the users are using the same license code? Thanks for your suggestion and we will consider it seriously. Best Regards, Heidi
  7. Characters Are Converted During OCR

    Hi Chris, I am sorry for the problem. I wonder whether you choose the right OCR language to be matched with your document language? After you click Edit>OCR, please change the OCR language, just as shown below: If this is exactly what you do but you still get the poor result on some OCRed character, I am sorry if the OCRed file quality fails to live up to your expectation. As the OCR technique depends on the color and contrast of the original PDF files. If the color and contrast is not strong, it will affect the identification of OCR. Please kindly understand. And our development team will try best to optimize the OCR feature in the future updates. Best Regards, Heidi
  8. OCR removing hyperlinked bookmarks

    Hi Matthew, I am afraid that in some cases, the hyperlinks can be kept after performing OCR while for other cases, the hyperlinks might get lost. It has much to do with the original document. To help us have a further analysis on your case, can you send us your document? And please do not worry, we never release or store any information from customers' file. The file will only be used for testing purpose, once we test it, we will delete the file from our system securely and permanently. So if it is ok, we do hope you can attach this failed PDF file in the email to send to us pdfelement@wondershare.com for further tests. Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Best Regards, Heidi
  9. Multiple signatures and problem with edit

    Hi Michael, Sorry for getting back to you so late. For the first problem, I am sorry that I do not quite understand it. For "When I fill in the date field using edit->text I can put the date in. But when I sign the form the date in the date field disappears. " can you send us your PDF document so that we can have a further check? As you also mentioned Outlook, do you want to preview PDF file in Outlook? Currently our program does not support this feature. It is advised to download the PDF file to the local library. For your information, our program supports to set a form field button which can allow you to send the file as the attachments in the email. You can check this guidance here: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-click-a-button-to-submit-the-form-directly.html For the second problem, I am sorry that once you add a digital signature to one page of the file, the whole document cannot be edited. So it is not likely that you can add date in the following pages by clicking Edit>Text. However, there are two workarounds. The first workaround is that you can create the date form field in each page that you need to sign before signing the document, see the screenshot below. In this way, even if you place the signature in the document, the form fields can still be filled. The second workaround is that even if you sign the document, you can still add date in the other pages by clicking Comment>Typewriter button. And you can change the font, color on the right side of the program interface. Let me know how you think. Best Regards, Heidi
  10. Hi Debra, It seems that you have bought PDFelement 6 for Mac. I wonder whether you are using and testing the trial version of PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac so the watermark is added to your document? I thought you were using the Windows version thus the FAQ I shared above is actually for Windows version. For Mac version, I was told by the product manager that sending the email with the file as attachment by clicking the button is still under development. Though the Mac product supports to set the "send email" button, it is not applicable in our own program. If you use another program which supports this feature to open the file and click the "submit button", it shall be working. Hope this makes sense. For your convenience, I helped remove the watermark from your file by using the registered PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac. And thanks for your suggestion, we will fulfill this feature in future updates. Please stay tuned! Best Regards, Heidi Employment Application 020418 short version.pdf
  11. save pdf files

    Hi Daniel, In the trial version, there is not supposed to be a limited page number for combining PDF files. But the watermark will be added to the output file as a limitation in the trial version. I wonder whether you can be more specific on how many PDF files you tried to merge at one time? If you need to have a further evaluation on our product, you can send us your PDF files to pdfelement@wondershare.com and we will do this operation for you on our side by using the registered program PDFelement 6 Professional then send the combined PDF back to you. Thanks for your interest in our program. Best Regards, Heidi
  12. Hi VK, Thanks for this valuable suggestion. Both GNP and your request have been added in our data base of the functionalities suggestions, and we will keep working on the program to support more features in the future. Best Regards, Heidi
  13. Duplicate PDF Pages

    Hi Bridgette, I am sorry that currently PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac does not support to duplicate pages in the program. We do have the plan to fulfill this feature. You can keep an eye on the future updates! For now, the workaround is that you click Page>Extract button to extract the page to be a new file. Then click Page>Insert button to insert that page to the document. In this way, you can duplicate page. But according to your description, it seems that you have already tried this method and it seems not to work for you because some contents are missing in the extracted page? If so, can you send us your PDF file and tell us which page you want to duplicate and we will have a further check for you. Thanks for your feedback and support. Heidi
  14. PDF to Word on MAC - Text Flickers Adds Extra Page

    Hi there, I am sorry to know this problem. I am wondering whether you can send your original PDF to us so that we can have a test on our side? I am afraid that I do not quite understand what "the second page text flicker as you scroll up" refers to. To help you better address this issue, I have sent you a license code and download link for PDF Converter Pro that is specializing in converting PDF to other file formats. Please check your email box. Please download and register the program to have another try. If that doesn't help, your assistance in sending us the original PDF would be helpful in locating this issue. Thanks for your feedback and support. Heidi
  15. We cant print in color

    Hi Zahnarzt, According to your licensed email, I found none of your purchase record. I wonder whether you are using PDFelement 6 standard or PDFelement 6 Professional? For windows version or for Mac version? Actually, both standard and professional version for both Mac and windows platform can support to print a PDF file in color. Maybe you can reinstall the program to try again? And I also wonder whether you fail to print one PDF file in color or failed all the PDF files you tested? To help us have a further check, can you send us your PDF file and we will have a test on our side? Looking forward to your further feedback. Heidi