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  1. Calculations not correct

    Hi Vic, I checked your attachment and felt greatly sorry for the problem. Our development team is going to work towards this issue and fix it in the future versions. Thanks for your understanding. Heidi
  2. Printing Defaults

    Hi Nick, To help us better figure out this problem , can you attach your PDF file here and confirm the program version for us? Please open the program and click Help>About to check about the program version and take a screenshot to show us. With more details, we will have a further check. Heidi
  3. Can I add text, then select it and drag it around?

    Hi Wehmann, It is possible to move the text box in some arbitrary direction in our program. You can go through the following steps: Step One: Click the text box that you want to move. And the eight blue dot will appear just as shown below: Step Two: Move your mouse cursor to any of the borders of the box. When the cursor appears to be like the shape of a cross, you can drag your text box at any direction. Hope this helps. Best regards, Heidi
  4. Hi Keith, Did you fail to add page number at the bottom of all pages or did the page numbers you successfully added fail to be appeared in the print preview? If the page number fail to be appeared on your PDF pages, can you please allow me to walk you through the whole operation steps to help you check out? Step One: Click Edit> Header&Footer>New Header&Footer. Step Two: Choose Page Number from the page number drop down list and click Settings to choose page number format from the drop down list. Step Three: Click one of the six boxes to decide where is the place for the page number and then click Insert Macro to confirm your choice. At last, click OK. Hope this can help. If the page numbers fail to appear in the print preview, please take a screenshot to show us the problem and load your PDF here so that we can have a further check for you. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  5. Are Select and Comment in the menu related?

    Hi Wehmann, Yes, the tools under the "Select" and the "Comment" are designed to be the same. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  6. Share an edited file via email?

    Hi Amber, Are you an user of iOS version of PDFelement? For your reference, here is a guide for you to know about how to set up your mail account on your iPhone or iPad: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201320 Thanks for your support. Heidi
  7. Hi Ron, I am afraid that currently PDFelement 6 Professional does not support Internet explorer PDF. Our development team are working towards this feature and hopefully this feature will be added into the coming version. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  8. Cannot read video files

    Hi Chantale, Our program PDFelement 6 Professioanl for Windows (version 6.3.0 or above) can fulfill your need to send a unique file with all your pages and video accessible with just a click. To add a video in our program, please open the attachment panel and then click Add attachment file button. Then you can upload the video you want to embed it to this PDF file from your local files. A windows box will pop up if you double click this video to try opening it, you just have to click Yes. And this video will be opened with the default video program in your computer. At last, you can refer to this website to know how to send your PDF file to another email address by a simple click: http://forum.pdf.wondershare.com/index.php?/topic/1269-submit-a-form/ Thanks for your support. Heidi
  9. Strange conversion

    Hi Nancy, I wonder whether your original PDF is scanned or image-based file or not? If yes, I am afraid that you have to rely on OCR technology when converting it to other editable file format. After you click Convert>To Word button, at the right side of the program interface, please turn the OCR mode on, then select the OCR language to be matched with your document language from the Document Language drop down list just as shown in the screenshot below: If your original file is normal and editable PDF but you fail to convert it to word in a good quality, please send us your PDF file to pdfelement@wondershare.com and we will have a further check for you. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  10. Registration Failure

    Hi Matthew, It seems that my colleague has helped change your registered email to " wondershare@nibfile.com" for your request. A new licensed information has been sent to this email address. Please check it and try again. Thanks for your understanding and support. Heidi
  11. Images shift when converting to PowerPoint

    Hi Brent, I am sorry to know this problem. However in order to help us better figure out what caused this glitch then fix it, can you attach your PDF file, converted pptx and converted ppt here so that we can have a further analysis on this problem? For the converted ppt or pptx, it is recommended to open them in Microsoft Powerpoint. Thanks for your cooperation and support. Heidi
  12. Hidden Windows Taskbar

    Hi Michael, Do you want to pin our program to the auto-hidden taskbar? If so, please launch our program first and then move your cursor to the bottom of the screen taskbar to right click our program icon to choose the option of "pin this program to taskbar". I attached a screenshot below for your reference: : Thanks for your support. Heidi
  13. Previous PDF file goes into image mode

    Hi Dustin, To fill out the form fields, please click Hand or Select instead of Edit. If you still cannot fill out the form fields as you want, can you attach your PDF document here or send it to pdfelement@wondershare.com so that we can have a further check about both this problem and the orange exclamation point you have mentioned. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  14. Missing Bookmarks when Saving to My Computer

    Hi Bob, Sorry for the delayed reply due to the national holiday. To help us better figure out this problem, can you send us your PDF document to this email address: pdfelement@wondershare.com. Receiving your file, we will have a further check about this problem. Thanks for your support. Heidi
  15. Tried inserting a circle

    Hi Wehmann, Can you tell me what does it refer to by saying "couldn't get it to persist"? The circle was failed to be added to your PDF document or the circle you have inserted to the PDF document was failed to be saved? With more details, we will have a further check. Just like you have mentioned, if using the menu choice Comment then selecting one shape tool, the "Properties" panel will show up on the right side of the program interface at the time when you click somewhere for placing the shape tool. Thanks for your support. Heidi