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  1. Hi Dan, I am curious to know more about this problem! If you close the windows and re-open it, will the shadow still be there? Are you using the latest version 6.5.0 of PDFelement 6 for Mac? Can you send me this PDF file so that our R&D team can have a further check? Looking forward to your reply. Heidi
  2. Creating boxes in forms

    Hi Oliver, Thanks for your feedback. We have released a hotfix version 6.6.3 to improve its stability on May 18th. You can download it directly from the link below: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe I think the new hotfix can solve this issue. If not, please get back to me and I will forward this case to our R&D team. Regards, Heidi
  3. Open different PDF in separate window

    Hi Alex, Thanks for putting forward this suggestion. Yeah we will take it seriously, just like our Windows version of PDFelement 6 Professional has implemented this multi-windows feature after it has been requested by our users many times. Our Mac version will add the multi-windows sooner or later. Please give us some time and have faith in us. Thanks for having your voice heard! Heidi
  4. Getting users to join files

    Hi Simon, It is not possible to do it with PDFelement. But I think, it is not possible by any other PDF program because this is not included in PDF ISO standard. Thanks for your idea though. If you have question about this, feel free to discuss it with us. Heidi
  5. insert direct from scanner

    Hi Tim, I bet you are testing standard version? Our Professional does support to create PDF directly from scanner while the standard version does not: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#create_using_scanner So it is advised to try the Professional version which might better suit your need. Hope this helps. Heidi
  6. Fillable forms - large file size?

    Hi Brenda, I am not sure if this is normal or not unless we can have a closer look and analysis on this PDF document. Can you share both PDF files with us for further check? Our team had improved optimization feature not long ago to better reduce the file size when this feature is applied by going to File> Save As Other> Optimized PDF on the top menu. Looking forward to your reply. Heidi
  7. Transparency Vector Image Not Printing Properly

    Hi Cookie, When you say logo appears on the page at 100%, do you mean that transparency is 100% instead of being 30%? Or do you mean the overlay graphics fail to be printed out? Can you send me this PDF file with the vector image so that we can try printing it on our side? Also, can you take a screenshot to show us the printed paper? Looking forward to your reply. Heidi
  8. Getting the data back

    Hi Winfried, Our program can help you create such a submit button that works on a PDF program. But I am not sure if this submit button works on a webpage or not. Here is the introduction of this feature for Mac: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-click-a-button-to-submit-the-form-directly_1402.html Hope this helps. Heidi
  9. Free Trial

    Hi Golfgame, Yes, you can test our OCR on the free trial version of PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows. You can see the OCRed effect on the trial version but cannot save it without registration. FYI, here are the limitations for the trial version on Windows: • Automatically add trial watermark to all the output files. • PDF conversion only converts half of the page, or up to 5 pages in total. • Batch data extraction is limited to 2 files only. • The OCR results can only be displayed instead of being exported. Thanks for your understanding and support. Heidi
  10. Hi Trisha, Sorry for this problem. I wonder whether this problem occurred since you downloaded the latest updated version or it has been existing all the time? What highlights did you make on your PDF document? Maybe you can take a screenshot to show us? Which cloud do yo upload your PDF file to? iCloud or Google Driver or else? With more details,we will have a further check. Heidi
  11. Best settings for OCR

    Hi Rpatters, Yes, if your PDF file is a scanned document, you can perform OCR to turn your non-editable PDF into editable or searchable PDF on version 6.3.0 or above of PDFelement 6 Professional . Here is the guide for you: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-turn-my-scanned-pdf-into-editable-or-searchable-pdf-file.html Hope this helps. Heidi
  12. Change Default Program on Upgrade

    Hi all, Yeah, we admit that this can be a headache for Windows 10 users to go through the process constantly to change default. Our development team has realized this problem and will get a solution for retaining the default app setting with PDFELEMENT even after update. Thanks for giving us some time. Heidi
  13. Freezing after printing

    Hi there, Yes, I was about to say that it was fixed in the latest version 6.6.3. You really find it timely. Best Wishes, Heidi
  14. Print Notes

    Hi Smith, Yes, you can choose the option to print comment and forms in the PDF as well under Comments & Form. Hope this helps. Heidi
  15. Insert a Page from Scanner Option

    Hi Judy, Thanks for your words! It made my day. Actually both our Windows version and Mac version support to create PDF directly from scanner. Here is for Windows version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#create_using_scanner Here is for Mac version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#create_pdf_files_from_scanners Hope this helps. Heidi