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  1. Text behind image

    ... and you know what? This made me buy the app! Another suggestion: The "searchable text"-option should be performed on the original document (or such an option should be added). At the moment it just creates a new file with _OCR added in the document's name, which needs to be saved in addition to the original document. this destroys my workflow as my pdf files are managed by an app and if I do this, I need to reimport the newly created document (_OCR). Furthermore I get vertical lines (in light grey) over the document when applying the "searchable text" option.
  2. Text behind image

    Any news on this one? We need the text in a layer option.. As a law agency I'm scanning and ocr-ing all the documents. I need the originality of the documents and the convenience to search through my pdf files. With your "ocr"-option everything changes and I cannot use the documents as they've been changed (cannot print them out and use them in court proceedings)...
  3. Text behind image

    sadly this is a must feature... hope this will be added soon.