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  1. Hebrew Language

    I have version 6.2 of PDF Pro. It seems to be able to read Hebrew characters but it reverses the order. Is there a way to fix that?
  2. Hebrew Language

    That is correct. Be happy to do a remote session with someone to demo.
  3. Hebrew Language

    Hi Dapne - thanks for your responses. Just for the record, your program does in fact read all Hebrew characters and fonts correctly. The only issue is that when saved as Word file, it reverses the order of each word. However, I can edit a PDF file in Hebrew (regardless of how that file was generated. I can also find and replace any text. All this with the constraint that I enter the text string in reverse ( left to right ). I would be happy to work with your development team on this; once the feature is added it would open up your product to a large market of right to left languages : Arabic. Aramaic. Azeri. Dhivehi/Maldivian. Hebrew. Kurdish (Sorani) Persian/Farsi. Urdu.Arabic. Aramaic. Azeri. Dhivehi/Maldivian. Hebrew. Kurdish (Sorani) Persian/Farsi. Urdu.