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  1. On Trial, few doubts about the software

    Also I was trying to send the same document to multiple users, and seems like until the first person don't sign it no one receive the notification, there is not an option to send the same document to a list of emails and receive from the ones it sign it not in order? Please let me know, it is quite important to know. I guess this is optimal when you need same document with several signatures, but what if you need same document individually signed for different people? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I am currently under trial for this software to see if have all features my company need to have and then proceed with the full version of eSign+. Few questions here: I don't seem to find the option to remove a document I sent to signature. How do you manage the currents signature yous sent? It is possible in case of mistake to remove it? Download Insurance Service - 24 months warranty Can you explain further please? There is mobile or tablet version too? how this works in terms of users, you have 1 user for the whole company or you can create different users? How is the process regarding the staff that need to sign and send back the documents, they need to create an account too? How easy is to to this? Can you explain further how is the process please? Thanks in advance!