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  1. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hi Daphne I am afraid that you have not read my post. Tomorrow I can also wait from 11am to 3pm in GMT. If necessary, you can send a facebook message to me, "@jaechul.yoo.980". Regards Jaechul Yoo
  2. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hi Daphne I can let you see my PC from 3pm of today in GMT. Teamviewer is available. I expect to see your team there. Regards Jaechul Yoo
  3. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hi My PC is connected to internet of which speed is not bad. Do you want to see the problem via remote access? Thanks Jaechul Yoo
  4. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hi all I've an idea and put the original pdf files to a local drive. Then, it worked. The conversion succeeded for single pdf file from a network drive. It was strange that "Batch Process" read the files from a network drive and went to back. Now I meet another problem with "Batch Process". It seems to have a memory leak. As it processes the files one bye one, the memory usage grows up little by little. When the number of the files is about 200, it is 1GB and PDFelement doesn't move. Do you have 64bit binary? Thanks Jaechul Yoo
  5. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hello There is a screen shot at my first posting. It shows where I tried to save the converted files. The PC where I run pdfelement is not connected to internet directly. It can reach only through a proxy server. Should pdfelement run under internet accessible? Regards Jaechul Yoo
  6. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hi Rebecca I cannot proceed after step 1. After I select some pdf files, pdfelement goes to the first though it reads the files. I share some files to this post. Regards Jaechul Yoo BYC_001460_(2010.12).pdf BYC_001460_(2011.03).pdf BYC_001460_(2011.06).pdf
  7. Batch Process doesn't work

    Sure, I already clicked "+" and selected pdf files. Pdfelement read the files even. After then, it went back to the first screen. But "Start" button was still disabled. Regards Jaechul Yoo
  8. Batch Process doesn't work

    Hello I am using PDFelement 6 Pro, version It converts one pdf file to any format successfully. But "batch process" goes to back after reading one PDF file even. "Start" is not activated. How can I fix the problem? Thanks in advance Jaechul Yoo