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  1. PDF Form Fields Default Values Empty When PDF Opened

    Ah - I see. OK thanks Daphne - recreate the form in 6.2.0. Ok, I'll give that a try and report back. Thanks Steve
  2. PDF Form Fields Default Values Empty When PDF Opened

    Hi - I've just installed the update and am now running v 6.2.0. I've opened the original file in v6.2.0 - the one attached above in the post from Rebecca - I saved it from v6.2.0 with a new filename. I then opened the new file in Adobe Acrobat Reader (v 17.009.20058) but the problem appears to persist - the default text in the form does not appear and all fields are blank. Can you advise please? Thank you
  3. PDF Form Fields Default Values Empty When PDF Opened

    That's great news Jacky - thanks for updating me - much appreciated.
  4. PDF Form Fields Default Values Empty When PDF Opened

    Thank you very much Rebecca and thanks for reformatting the area at the top of the form - I hadn't appreciated the point about easier extraction. Hopefully the compatibility issue can be addressed in due course. Many thanks Steve
  5. PDF Form Fields Default Values Empty When PDF Opened

    Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I have attached the file - when I double click it and it opens in Adobe Acrobat reader the fields with default values are empty (or appear empty on screen). When I click in them no text is displayed and I have the opportunity to enter text. It's quite a simple form so if I've made a mistake creating it I can recreate it without too much time being lost. I'm keen to understand what I did wrong before I get into more complex documents. Thanks for your help Steve
  6. Hi - I'm new to PDF Elements and recently purchased PDFElement 6 Pro for Mac OS. It's a very clear and intuitive interface - thanks for that. I've created my first form with fields that the user will complete. I have added default values for some of the form fields but not all (e.g. senders address field has default values present). When I inspect the form within PDFElement it looks fine. However, when it's used and opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader with the intention of completing the form and sending it onwards, all fields appear empty. I'm aware that I'm new to the application and mindful that it might be me doing something incorrectly but I've checked and been through the Community here. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions? Thanks very much for any ideas anyone might have. Steve