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  1. How to make a PDF file read only?

    How to make a PDF file read only? Answer: You can make a PDF file read only by setting permission password. That's something PDFelement 6 can do. Follow the steps below: Open your PDF file by clicking on the Home window Click on the tab on the menu bar, and then select Tick the checkbox on the Permissions option and then set the permission password of the PDF Click on when you're done
  2. How to create tabs in a PDF that look like file folder tabs and link to sections within the same PDF? Answer: You can achieve this task by creating bookmarks, with which you can navigate to different sections in your PDF. Here we'll show you how to do this with PDFelement 6: Open your PDF file by clicking on the Home window Go to the page where you want to create a bookmark, right click your mouse and choose from the menu On the left side bookmark panel, right click a bookmark to make changes such as rename, delete and add child This tutorial will be helpful: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-editing-tips/create-bookmarks-in-pdf.html
  3. Is there any free way to extract the text from a PDF? Answer: Yes, you can do this with the Free Trial Version of PDFelement 6. Please follow the steps below. Download and install PDFelement 6 Open PDF file by clicking the button on the Home window Click on at the top left corner, and select the text you need to extract Copy the content to Word or other places as you want Check the detailed tutorial of this question here: How to Extract Text from PDF