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  1. Copy / Paste from word

    Hi Klein, Before you paste a text from the Word to PDFelement, you must add a text box(Edit-Add Text), then paste the text into text box, may be it can help you.
  2. Davidshao 你好, image.b的效果是我们编辑注释时的效果,image.a是我们预览时的效果,当你双击image.a中的注释时将会达到image.b的效果,还有image.c中的效果您是用什么软件查看的?不知道方不方便告知我们,我想我们接下来可以用中文来沟通。
  3. delete entire text box

    Hi Marlin, You can do it like this: Mac: Windows:
  4. change font size in form field

    Hi wehmann, I make a guide for you, maybe it can help you.
  5. File Name When Saving

    Hi Robert, I'm sorry that this is happening! We will fix this problem in the next version. Thanks, Woody
  6. mrs

    Hi Robyn, I'm sorry that this is happening! Please check what you copy don't have space, if it cannot help you, could you please attach a screen shot for what it looks like? Thanks, Woody
  7. OCR language

    Hi Stef, Thank you for your feedback, we will add your needs to our product library.
  8. OCR does not work

    Hi Pichurri, We found the reason of failure that your document suffix is ".PDF," rather than ".pdf", you can change the document suffix to ".pdf" or "Save As" the document again, then try to perform OCR with a batch, we will be repair this issue in the next version this month.
  9. Scan and record what I get from book

    You can search "PDFelement" from App Store and download it to your iPhone or iPad, then use "Camera to PDF" feature to create PDF from you mobile devices.
  10. Hi Juneanthony, Our PDFelement for Mac does not support creating PDFs from the Office format. You can try PDF Creator for Mac to create PDFs from the Office format. Hope it's helpful. PDF Creator for Mac download address:https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-creator-mac/ Thanks.
  11. Hi Clarence, You can try to download and install the latest version PDFelement For Mac from http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement_full841.dmg And install the latest version of Video Converter Ultimate for Mac from the link: http://download.wondershare.com/video-converter-ultimate-mac_full735.dmg Thanks.