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  1. Link to documents

    Hi, It does not work either (see attached with preview and again with your software). The error message with your software is different from the previous one. Pichurri Test 4.pdf Test 3.pdf
  2. Link to documents

    Hi Jacky, Yes Yes, the path is correct. The pdf document is on the desktop I have tried with a new test document and a link to a another pdf document not on the desktop. Same problem (see attached). By the way how do you suppress the link square appearing on the document once you have put it on ? Regards. Pichurri
  3. OCR does not work

    Correct. It does work when making the change to pdf instead of PDF. Thanks ! Pichurri
  4. Link to documents

    Hi Daphne, Same problem. I create a link to a file, the file appears on the right bar (though the title appears in grey). When I close the document and reopen it the link square is there but if I click on it the error message appears several times in a row (attached message and the pdf ; I have tried with different pdfs to no avait). Pichurri TEST .pdf compensation.pdf
  5. Link to documents

    Hi, When I put a link in a pdf document to another pdf document the added document first page does appear aside with its title in grey. I then close the document reopen it look for the link and click on it but there is no way to open the linked document (repeated message of failure you need to close several times before you can work again on the document). Pichurri.
  6. OCR does not work

    Hi Rebecca, It works with some scanned pdf files but not with all (I have checked that there is no password or security limitations and tried with documents from different sources). I do get the same type of screen as you but with some documents when I click on "save" nothing happens. If I do it with a batch I get an empty folder OCR on the desktop and the red exclamation marks (attached) Now I have found that the files which I cannot be OCR if I save them as "PDF Archivable PDF/A", I get then the message on the upper right corner that I can activate changes (see attached). If I do activate the changes, then I can OCR afterwards. ???? But I cannot do it with a batch. Thanks. Pichurri Test.PDF
  7. OCR does not work

    Hi, I just bought PDF Element Pro. When I try to OCR scanned PDF documents it does not work (no protection, I checked). I get a red exclamation mark. However, I can convert the document to Work. Any clue ? Thanks Pichurri