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  1. Form field recognotion edit

    Hi Rebecca Thanks for that. Whilst I think that maybe adding a default setting for these boxes in the future would be something that could be looked at, your solution certainly will cut down on a lot of time! Many thanks for your efforts! Graham
  2. Form field recognotion edit

    Hi Guys, the only default I need is Font size so that the entered data in the fields matches the size of the title of the box ie left hand box is size 8 so right hand also equals size 8. Currently, because it is set to auto if the answer is short it can appear totally disproportionate and not very presentable. It seems like such a simple thing QUAL1032017.pdf
  3. I'm sure this has probably been answered already but is there a way to set the defaults for the fields created when using form field recognition? I have tried to set the defaults in preferences but sticks to "auto", do I have to then go through each field, right click then change the size etc?? This would be incredibly frustrating after creating a form with 50+ boxes...