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  1. As i told support already, unfortunetly i will need to ask my money back. My deadline is over and your program didn't work for me when i needed it. Yes maybe my pdf file was the fault, its old and not well scanned but it still didn't work for me yesterday when i needed it. edit: By the way, its been almost 12 hours that i requested my refund and didn't get an answer about it yet.
  2. Do you guys have any solution for me ? i need to send this document in the next 5 hours or i will lose this job oportunity, and if i do, i will need my money back and you get your license back because wondershare will have failed me.
  3. I only ocr'ed the document once, and i selected the right language, which is portuguese and it still didn't work.
  4. i need to solve this in the next 10 hours or i will pass my deadline.
  5. Yes, i have changed the language, just sent you the file.
  6. I bought your very expensive product only to use your ocr, but either i'm not using it correctly or it just doesnt work. Here are the pictures showing what the original pdf is and what i get when i try to use ocr: what i get : http://imgur.com/a/yT8rc what the original text says : http://imgur.com/a/adMmf So i either want my money back or some support to help me make it work, since your website support won't even let me pick PDFelement 6 Pro which i payed U$ 100,00 Thanks.