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  1. Calculated Field (Sum) Won't Update Correctly

    Hi, Clicking outside the field doesn't always cause the total to update, nor does clicking in a new field or clicking on the total field result always in an update. That will work when I enter a single value, but stops working after I change the values a few times. It's like it gets confused and just refuses to work. I can't exactly give a series of steps, because it seems to malfunction differently each time. Sometimes it will update the total field for the first two entries, but the third won't update. Then if I remove one of the values, it updates to what it should have been if all three values were still there. It's hard to explain. I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that I'm using check boxes as part of my calculations. For example, one of my check boxes has a value of 25. There is a field next to it that, when the box is checked, automatically calculates a "sum" of that check box: the field shows 25. When un-checked, the field show zero again. The numerical field that shows the "value" of the check box is a part of the calculation for my total, and perhaps that is too complex for the calculation to handle? I'll email the pdf to you, so that you can take a look.
  2. Hi there, I'm having trouble with calculating fields. I have a handful of numerical fields that need to be added together. I created a "total" field, set it to calculate a sum, and included all of my numerical fields. However, when I try changing the numbers in the fields that are added together, the total doesn't update/calculate properly. Sometimes when I enter a value, the calculated field doesn't add it to the total. Sometimes when I update a second field, the total will reflect the first change I made but not the change to the second field. If I then remove all values, meaning the total should be zero, the total stays at whatever the last calculated value was. I just can't figure out how a simple sum could go so awry. The values I'm adding together are themselves the product of a calculation. Could that be causing the problem? I don't see why it should, but I can't figure out what else could be causing the glitch.
  3. Actions for Form Fields

    Hi Rebecca, Thanks for moving my post! The file I'm working with belongs to an organization and I'm not sure I have permission to share it in its entirety, although it's really nothing special. I've attached a screen shot, which may help explain what I'm trying to do. When I say "field," I'm talking about text fields, not the checkbox. Here's the [somewhat long-winded] situation: There are four fields in my form for numeric values to be entered. I have a "total" field that automatically calculates the total of all four entries. However, if more entries are needed, they are to be listed on a separate page (which is not actually a part of the form: there are simply instructions to add an additional page when submitting the form). Unfortunately, the "total" field can't be manually edited, meaning that it will only show the total of the four numbers listed on the form. If someone has an additional two entries on a separate sheet, they need to be able to manually type in the total so that it includes all 6 entries. Logic says, "just make more entry fields" or "add a second page to the form for more entries." However, the need for more than four entries is uncommon enough that it doesn't warrant either of those solutions. The document is already full, leaving no room for additional entry lines. A second page would just be extra paper when printed, considering the majority of submitted forms will not need it. The solution I've come up with is to create two fields for the total: one as a standard text field to manually enter the total, the other as an auto-calculated field. My goal was to set up a check box, which would trigger which one of two fields shows up on the total line. When the box is checked (meaning there are additional entries that necessitate a manual calculation), I want Field 1 (the text field) to show. When the box is unchecked (meaning there are no additional entries), I want Field 2 (the calculated field) to show. Alternatively, I could use a drop-down menu with the options of "yes" and "no": If "yes," then Field 1 (text field) shows. If "no," then Field 2 (calculated field) shows. I don't have a preference if it is a check box or a drop-down menu, but either way I can't figure out which trigger to use. As stated in my first post, I've managed to get it to work with actions associated with the Mouse Enter/Exit triggers for a check box. However, I don't know how to make the actual checking/unchecking of the box (or the choice from a drop-down menu) the trigger.
  4. Actions for Form Fields

    I've just realized that I should have posted this in the Product Features forum. My mistake. I'm not seeing an option to shift my post over to another forum, so I suppose I'll let it sit here until a moderator comes 'round to sort me out. Sorry about that!
  5. Actions for Form Fields

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the actions capabilities for the form fields? I'm wanting to set a trigger that doesn't appear to be available in the list of options, and I'm wondering if there is a way around it. I've created a check box and, when checked, I would like it to hide one field and show another. I set it up using the "mouse enter" and "mouse exit" triggers with a few "show/hide a field" actions to give it a try: When the mouse enters the checkbox/hovers over it, my form shows Field 1 and hides Field 2 When the mouse exits the checkbox/stops hovering over it, my form shows Field 2 and hides Field 1 However, I want it to use these actions when the check box is checked/unchecked (not when the mouse enters/exits). Is there any way to accomplish this? I don't really understand the meaning of the mouse up/down and blur/focus triggers, so perhaps I'm just missing an obvious solution. Is there software documentation somewhere that explains how to use the triggers/actions? EDIT: I found the User Guide, and read through PDF Forms>Form Properties, but there really isn't much help there.