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  1. Dealing with piles of files manually is quite a huge work. The batch process function of PDFelement enables you to convert PDF documents to word, excel, ppt and more other main stream formats. You can extract data from scanned files, add bates number and watermark in batch. This function really saves you plenty of time and improve your work efficiency.
  2. We usually scann files for some reasons. But it such a problem to edit scanned PDF. I find the OCR function can easily solve this problem. You can see the comparison down below: after performing OCR, the characters in the scanned PDF are recognized and transfered into editable text. Before After
  3. From this topic on, I’ll share some useful skills, which I found by using PDFelement, from time to time. As a freelancer, I need to manage my finance by myself. At the end of the month, I’ll sort out all the invoices. It’s such a problem to take down all the data from these paper documents. Then I found with the “Data Extraction” (Form ->Data Extraction) function of PDFelement, I can easily extract the data from scanned files in batch. With Just one click, All the data is ready in a CSV file. If you have the same problem, you can have a try.