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  1. Payment Related

    Dear team, Dear Team, Last One Month i was followup with You according to wonder share 30 days money back guarantee and same day raised the issue. this software not useful form me. but still I have not received any confirmation from paypal and wodershare. and without any confirmation case closed buy paypal. Transaction details Date of Purchase 16-june-2017 Date of cancelation 16 June-2017 Case number: PP-005-905-375-742 Seller's name: Wondershare Technology Co.,Ltd Transaction amount: $ 99.95 USD Transaction date: 16 June 2017 Your transaction ID: 5J37780555700350U Sincerely,
  2. payent Refund

    I was buy your Product but not use full for my so kindly refund my payment. When I buy then show the massage within 30day if any issue then refund your money TAG NO - 7FA5C20B1301EB0B8DFB42039295550B User ID is