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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone else is having this problem or can help I have created a PDF Form in PDF Element 5 which has a large text field at the bottom, it is a multi-line form. This has been working well for months. Recently however, the users have been experiencing, on android tablets, via Adobe Reader DC, that when typing in this field they type one character only and then it automatically goes to the next line where the next character appears before going to the next line etc. and the text therefore appears vertically. Pressing the Space Bar is therefore the equivalent of the Enter button. We get one character per line. Clicking in one of the text fields above this one can make the text appear horizontal once more. But sometimes the text disappears. We bought a new tablet and downloaded all new software and it is still occurring. I upgraded to PDF Element 6 and refreshed the properties of the field and the error still occurs. Any ideas what could be causing one character of text per line?