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      Check out our new feature post on what Adobe XI's end-of-support situation will look like. What will you do to maintain your access to a comprehensive PDF editor? Follow the link at the end of our blog post to enter for a chance to win a FREE Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad Mini. 

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      Wanna access our next new version 6.3.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional in advance? It will support XFA files, PDF attachments, searchable OCR mode and open multiple windows for different PDF files and many other improvements. Join our beta testers group, you will have this opportunity!


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  1. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, Can you re-sent me the version 6.0.3 ? Because in the link it says that the file not found. Thanks
  2. copy / paste conversion

    Hi daphne after 2 days of checking the version 6.0 we found that we don't have typing problems but sometimes when we open second PDF the application crashes. After a research in our users we found that one user uses the version that works fine, without typing errors or crashes. Please confirm that the is a stable version without bugs and sent it to me please. I spent about a week for troubleshooting this problem and we have productivity issues. Thanks
  3. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, Finally i find the way to install and use successful the 6.0 version. I hope that the typing problem will disappear with this version. Thanks!
  4. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne No i don't have the same problem. With 6.0 version when i press the edit button the application crashes, it closes unexpectedly.
  5. copy / paste conversion

    I add the user to admin group but doing the same.
  6. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Danphne, I installed the version you sent me but im facing another problem..when i run it with admin privileged it works fine but when i run as a user it crashes. Thanks
  7. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, Thank you! i will download the previous version from the link you sent me.
  8. copy / paste conversion

    Can you sent me the 6.0 version?
  9. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, I've checked with other PDF and im facing the same issue. I will try with different fonts and i will tell you. Please answer me and in the second question : The version that you sent me to install will work with the current license or will be work as trial? Thanks
  10. copy / paste conversion

    Hi again, The version that you sent me to install will work with the current license or will be work as trial? Thanks
  11. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, I attached the edited PDF with the error. Thanks 17 3330.pdf
  12. copy / paste conversion

    Hi again, Can we do a downgrade to a previous version until the problem is fixed? Any news for my problem? Thanks!
  13. copy / paste conversion

    I Upgraded to the latest version and the problem persists. The weird is, that the first time i opened it seems to be OK. I close and i re-opened the PDF and the problem appear again. The characters that you can see in the screenshot it's not from typing, i press the space bar. Thanks
  14. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Daphne, Yes the PDF that i sent is different from that in the screenshot but it facing the same problem. I find that when you open the PDF for first time it works fine,but if you close it and re-open the PDF then the problem appears again. My problem is when i typing into the PDF the characters isn't the same that i typing as you can see it in the screenshot. I Will update to the newest version. Thanks
  15. copy / paste conversion

    Hi Jacky, I attached a PDF File to check it. Thanks 17 3330.pdf