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  1. Hey Kaja, Yes, you can activate it on 2 devices. But once you activate it, you are unable to de-activate it from the user's end; you can email us at if you would like to switch devices. Best, Rebecca
  2. Freezing after printing

    Thanks for letting us know, colt12star! @janmkaminski1 are you also on Windows 7?
  3. Drop down Ribbon

    Hi Paul, Are you referring to the screen change when clicking on "Files"? If yes, there isn't a way to set it so that the options appear on the ribbon (like the other tabs). Best, Rebecca
  4. Freezing after printing

    Hey Jan, Thank you for the report, we will look into it. Best, Rebecca
  5. PDF's in different apps

    Hi there, Thanks for reaching out! The function you have mentioned is not a function yet on our Mac product, but is available on Windows. I have moved this thread under "Feature Suggestions" for consideration. Best, Rebecca
  6. Paul Becker, LPC

    Hey Jos, I have removed your email information from the post and sent you an email. Best, Rebecca
  7. Hi Johnny, On your other post I noted that I forwarded your report to the development team for investigation, and that if you think of any other details that may be relevant, please let me know! At the moment I do not have any updates for you yet. Best, Rebecca
  8. Mac Zoom

    Hi Basil, Currently the only way to zoom in on Mac is to Command +/- . I agree that zooming via trackpad would be super handy - I've moved this thread to the features suggestion forum. Thanks, Rebecca
  9. Paul Becker, LPC

    Hi Paul, Can you send me a screen shot of the tag? Is it a watermark? Best, Rebecca
  10. Chord grids library

    Hey Ed, We don't have chord grid features at the moment. One workaround that I can think of is to import the chord grids as images and resize them above the chords If you only need to put in a few chords this should work! Best, Rebecca
  11. Excluding from conversion

    Hey there, If your documents are forms, you can set up data extraction and select the option to "Extract data from marked PDF" and manually exclude the desired portions. If you are able to attach a blank form and indicate which fields you want to convert, I can post some step-by-step instructions. Hope this helps! Rebecca
  12. PDFelement 6 Pro fails to update

    Thank you!
  13. Field Calculation Does Not Calculate Last

    Hi LR, Yes, I can see what you're saying. The last row is supposed to be the same as the others, and have a total of 24. Could you please attach a copy of the file here for me to take a look? Thanks, Rebecca
  14. Opening files

    Hi Michael, Thanks for reaching out. This is definitely not the way it's supposed to be! How did you set PDFelement as the default app? These are the steps I took and I've had success with it so far: 1) Pick any PDF file and right click. 2) Make sure it says "Open with PDFelement" 3) Click on "Change all" When I double click on a PDF to open it, it opens in PDFelement for me. Let me know if this works for you! Best, Rebecca
  15. Printing scanned pages

    Hi MVirani, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. What printer model do you use, and is it it using postscript? We'll take a look. Best, Rebecca
  16. Ah, yes! Now I know exactly what icon you were talking about Yes, if a recipient doesn't have PDFelement, they will be able to fill the form on other apps such as Mac Preview, Internet browsers, and Adobe as well. You can test this by selecting "Mac Preview" when you right click the file and pick "Open With". Hope this helps, Rebecca
  17. Rename and move downloaded pdf (Mac)

    Thank you for the details Definitely learned something new today!!
  18. PDFelement issues when dealing with PDF ver1.6

    Hi RMS_Agent, Thanks for reaching out! I apologize for the inconvenience and have sent you an email. Best, Rebecca
  19. Combine Files in Portfolio

    Thank you for clarifying!
  20. Field Calculation Does Not Calculate Last

    Hi LR, Can you please send me a screenshot describing the situation? Thanks! Rebecca
  21. Lockdown virus in PDF_Element

    Hi Pumaka, Thanks for letting us know. Our developers will look into it! Best, Rebecca
  22. Rename and move downloaded pdf (Mac)

    Hey Qwerty2u, To clarify - I used this app called Goodnotes on my iPad and every time I came across a PDF I could download, it would have a "Save as" button on the top right. Once clicked, there would be a drop down menu I could pick which app to open it in. Is this what you're referring to? What apps on Mac will let me do this? I'd love to check it out! I don't think this exact feature is available for PDFelement right now. I love the idea - I've moved this post under our "feature suggestion" forum for consideration by the development team. If you have any other feedback, please let us know! Best, Rebecca
  23. Default App

    Here is an old thread about PDFelement as the default app. Let me know if any of the suggestions help: Best, Rebecca
  24. Creating boxes in forms

    Thanks for letting us know, Oliver! In terms of the fonts, where are you adjusting your defaults? Best, Rebecca
  25. Checkbox with another Font

    Hi Costa, Thanks for reaching out. You can change the default font under "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Font" I have Microsoft Sans Serif set for my Windows and the checkmarks look fine when I open the PDF in Google Chrome. I would also like to look further into your check box issue - can you please send me the file you are working on (with the Helvetica font for check box)? My email is Thanks, Rebecca