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  1. Copy / Paste from word

    Hi Rupert, Here is a clip on how to copy and paste after selecting "Add text" on both Windows and Mac. Let me know if you have additional questions. Cheers, Rebecca
  2. AutoCAD text issues...`

    Hey Chuck, A good work around would be to perform the "Save as" function generate a copy of the most recent version before you send it to clients. This way, you can mass delete the annotations on the copy. To delete annotations quickly: Go into thumbnail view and delete all the annotations at once. You can select individually or in groups (control shift the first and last to select everything in between, right ). Windows: (Right click to access delete) Mac: (Delete button to delete, no right click option) Best, Rebecca
  3. PDFelement 6 Pro Crash

    Hi MAG, Thanks for reaching out. I did not experience the same issue when adding or deleting pages/files. I am also operating on MacOS HighSierra 10.13.3. Does this happen with every file, or just a particular one? Feel free to attach the file here or email it to for us to take a look! Best, Rebecca
  4. Time Stamp

    Hey Roz, We have some pre-made stamps that automatically generate time and date. Comment -> More -> Stamps Let me know if this helps! Best, Rebecca
  5. pdf element trackpad not working

    Hi Thomas, Our development team has put it into the roadmap and is working on the issue. Thank you for your patience! Best, Rebecca
  6. Touchpad two finger scrolling

    Hey Christoph, It's on the roadmap - the development team is working on it! Thanks, Rebecca
  7. OCR

    Hi Eugener, The OCR component is not a part of the trial version and would be available after purchase of the full version. I have attached a page on our site detailing the limitations of PDFelement trial: Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks, Rebecca
  8. Registration Failure

    Hi Allan, I apologize in the delay in response. I've sent you an email with a new registration code. Let's see if that helps! Best, Rebecca
  9. Does PDF Element work with OS X High Sierra?

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for reaching out! I apologize in the delay of response. I just updated my Mac to High Sierra and found that my OCR worked properly. Is it one document or many that this issue occurs with? We can try a few things to troubleshoot: 1) Download the V.6.1 and onwards OCR plug-in link to make sure the system has the latest one: 2) Please screenshot what happens when you click the OCR link under the "Edit" tab. I have screenshotted what the process is supposed to look like. Please let me know where it starts to differ for you! Best, Rebecca
  10. MS Oultlook Previewer

    Hi Matthieu, As long as you enable PDF Preview Handler in Outlook, you should be able to preview PDF files. To enable: 1. Open Outlook. 2. File -> Options -> Trust Centre -> Trust Centre Settings -> Attachment Handling -> Attachment and Document Previewers 3. Enable PDF Preview Handler option under the "File Previewing Options" dialogue box Once enabled, you should be able to click "Preview file" and have files load up in Outlook! Best, Rebecca
  11. Hey CeeJay, What font was the file using? If you could attach your file, we can help troubleshoot the issue! Best, Rebecca
  12. Conversion of tabular

    Thank you for reporting this issue, Pierre. A report has been submitted to our development team to work on issues related to accented letters. We appreciate the details you have given us, as we are always looking to refine our software to adequately address the needs of our users! If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to start a new thread or post under our Wishlist. Best, Rebecca
  13. Problems with pdf to word conversion

    Hey Massimiliano, Thanks for sending us the file. I can see that the program has inserted extra pages and changed the spacing in between sections, resulting in the extra pages! The orientation and page size did not change for me. I'll send these files to the development team for them to take a look. I appreciate the time you took in reporting this issue, as we are always working to refine our software! Best, Rebecca
  14. Double clicking checkboxes

    Thanks for letting us know!
  15. File name

    No worries, eastra. Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with! Best, Rebecca
  16. PDF Element iPad

    Hey Pascal, Did you tap the signature after selecting the e-sign tool? After I tapped on the signature, it appeared on the document and I was able to drag it around as I desired. Let me know if this helps! Best, Rebecca
  17. Preseve Size of Photo

    Hi rpatters1, Do you mean that the file seems compressed so the quality of the photo seems worse? And does this happen while working on the file or after you save it? My images seem fine when I input them. Under preferences, you can go into the "convert" tab and change image the image quality. Hope this helps! Best, Rebecca
  18. Registration Failure

    Hey Allan, No worries! I find Macs a bit tricky to use as well. I've checked our database and you have PDFelement 6. It appears that you have not registered the program so it should work after you re-download the application. Here is the download link: Scroll to the very bottom, and click on "PDFelement 6" (under the "download" heading) to begin download: Please let me know if you experience anymore difficulty. Best, Rebecca
  19. user manual

    Hi Peter, As of right now, we don't have a PDF version of our online user guide (attached below). This is a really good suggestion and I hope to have one in the future! Best, Rebecca
  20. undo

    Hey Peter, Command/Control "z" usually works for me! Best, Rebecca
  21. pdf element trackpad not working

    Hey Thomas, The development team has noted down the issue and will be working on it for future updates. Thank you so much for your feedback! Thanks, Rebecca
  22. How to protect PDF being print

    Hey NChen, Where does it indicate that your file is printed to Wondershare printer port? I do not have that option on my system, so a screenshot from you would be extremely helpful! Thanks, Rebecca
  23. File name

    Hi Eastra, Can you please attach a screenshot of where it says that on your files? I'm not quite sure where to look! Best, Rebecca
  24. Pdf 5 download is kpdf 6 pro exe file.

    Hello, Thanks for reaching out. You do not have to purchase PDFelement 6 since PDFelement 5 is a standalone product. Did you click on the link at the bottom of our site under "downloads"? In case that link does not work out for you, I have connected you with our customer support through email, and Krystal (our lovely Customer Support Lead!), will be able to assist you further. Best, Rebecca
  25. Touchpad two finger scrolling

    Hey Sarah, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward this to our development team and keep you updated. Best, Rebecca