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  1. Hello!

    My name is Rebecca and I'm the Community manager for this forum. Let me know if I can help in any way!
  2. image import

    You can insert images as watermarks and that would give you the ability to add images to multiple pages. You have the choice of adding it in to all the pages or a range of pages. Let me know if this works! Rebecca
  3. OCR Process Cancelled due to Unexpected Error

    Hey Kevin, Thanks for reaching out! We are happy to hear that you are considering our software. Are you running PDFelement on a virtual machine? If yes, that would be what is causing the error in this case. If not, feel free to attach a copy of a file that you have been working on so that we can troubleshoot further! Best, Rebecca
  4. Date Edit need dd/mm/yyyy

    Hi Vincent, Thanks for reaching out, happy to hear that you are considering PDFelement! To clarify, you are referring to filling out the date on forms, correct? I have tested this function and found the same thing, that the month would be in English. I will forward this to the development team and keep you updated! Best, Rebecca
  5. OCR Problem

    Hey Officer, Thanks for reaching out. To clarify, you are using the OCR function for scanned pages of a book. Some pages have pictures with handwriting on it and that shows up weirdly so you would like to see if you can use OCR on some parts of the page to avoid that? If you attach a copy of your file here, I can take a look and provide some instructions and suggestions. Are you a Windows or Mac user? Best, Rebecca
  6. Thank you for this awesome suggestion!
  7. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hey db18, No problem! You'll have to retype or copy/paste the words on top of the photo, since the document is created in layers. So if the text was created before the photo was inserted, it will appear behind the photo. For adding a border around your text, is this what you are referring to? If yes, you can go into the "Comment" tab. Make sure that the sample rectangle on the right hand side is not filled (unlike the second one filled in blue). You can do this by selecting the no fill option that I have circled in red. The sample square that the arrow is pointing to indicates how your borders will turn out. As long as the square is not filled, the text in the static/fields will show up and still be fillable! Let me know if this helps, Rebecca
  8. Convert to pages

    Hey Lothar, Under the last tab on the right ("Convert"), the option to convert to Pages should appear on the ribbon. Here is the file I converted to Pages, opened in Page. Let me know if this helps! Please send me a screenshot if your program does not appear this way. Best, Rebecca
  9. Remove Bates saved settings

    Hey Sonshine, Thanks for reaching out! I've saved this sample Bates formatting as "1" (first image). As soon as I open a new document to do Bates numbering, it goes to "none specified", allowing me to start from scratch or select a previous format from the drop box. Does the format you save automatically apply itself to every document you open? Best, Rebecca
  10. word count option for pdf file ?

    Hi Matt, Thanks for getting in touch. Currently, there isn't a word option to see how many words are in a document; perhaps you could copy and paste into a Word doc or online word counter. However, this is a really good idea and I'll forward your suggestion to the development team! Best, Rebecca
  11. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hey db, Apologies for getting back to you so late. I have created a video tutorial for you: http://ow.ly/ISBw30hbJNz If you would still like to schedule a call, please email me at the address I have provided above (rebeccac@wondershare.com) and I will send you the Skype information! Best, Rebecca
  12. PDF form problem

    Hey Weibi, What language have you set PDFelement in? Best, Rebecca

    Hey Gessica, Thanks for reaching out. PDFelement is unable to convert PDFs to Word without opening the software! Best, Rebecca
  14. PDF from Powerpoint

    Hey Paul, Thanks for your inquiry! For all refund-related inquires, please take a look at our refund page! http://bit.ly/2jPkyw5 Best, Rebecca
  15. Using OCR crashes PDFelement

    Hey Kay, I ran a few scanned documents through my PDFelement 5 and mine didn't crash! I've attached a short clip. http://bit.ly/2AaWqKo Could you please send a few samples of the PDF files you've been experiencing this issue with? Best, Rebecca