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  1. Actions for Form Fields

    Hi Savvy1, No problem, thanks for the detailed response! No worries, that is completely understandable, what you have attached here is great. So just to reiterate what you just said, Option A would be to type in your amounts in the four boxes and have it auto-calculate the total. Option B would be to allow the user to add more options on a separate page and manually type in the total. So if they select A, they can proceed, whereas if they select option B they would need to do the extra steps. Here are a few thoughts that come to mind: I don't believe we have the specific action that you are looking for. However you can try the following: 1) There is the option to add a separate page at the end of the document, and make a note to tell clients NOT to print the last page if they don't need it. But I understand that customers may not see that. There is an option to add a trigger to lead them directly to the last page when they click on it. 2) Shorten the lines on the 'description' part so you can have two sets of description/costs so you can fit extra options on the same page. Or you can shrink the boxes so the font will type out smaller. 3) In the "combo box/drop box" option, under the "options" and "calculate" tabs, you're able to set it so that aside from "yes" and "no", you can let users input values and set the formula for the numbers to add up. Not sure if this would be useful in any way but you seem pretty creative so I just wanted to let you know about this function just in case you haven't seen it yet. I will do my best to think up other alternative solutions. Let me know what you decide on! In terms of what the triggers do: You've figured out exit/enter. Mouse Up/down does the same thing, just lets you check the boxes which will trigger an action. Blur/Focus is hard to explain over text but essentially has to do with clicking outside the box first, then clicking in, which will trigger the action. Thanks, Rebecca
  2. İmportant missing info at comparison chart

    Hi None Exist, We offer both standard and professional versions, and the trial versions for both so that users can test out our product before they buy it! However, there are limitations to each trail version, which is stated on the right hand side of the page that you linked. In both our trial versions, there are watermark restrictions until you buy the full version. Which program did you download? Hope this helps, Rebecca
  3. Actions for Form Fields

    Hi @savvy1, No worries, I have moved this thread to "PDF Forms"! Just clarifying, what you're saying is that in a checkbox question, when Option A is checked, you would like Option B, C, and D to automatically be hidden? When you say "field", do you mean the checkbox, or the text box with the options in it? If you could send me the file that you're working on and put some arrows of what you're picturing that would be extremely helpful! Thanks, Rebecca
  4. Spell-check PDFs?

    Hi Pablo, Yes, you are correct about our spell-check function! Your suggestion is a good one, I will bring it to our development team. Hopefully we will have it soon. In the mean time, if the spelling error situations that you have is something like changing "color" -> "colour", you can do <<ctrl F>> and there will be a search box. You are able to search all the "color"s in the document and replace it with "colour" when you click on the "replace with" function. I have attached a screenshot. Thanks! Rebecca
  5. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    Hi @Ron McCoy, I am sorry for all the difficulties that you have been experiencing. I will answer your inquiries in the order you have asked them: 1) When I downloaded your PDF, the radio buttons were working fine, I was only able to select one. 2) For the check boxes, if you go into "Edit Form" and double click on the individual check boxes, you will see that they are all named the same, which is why you can only select one. Simply rename each of them under the "general" tab and you will be able to check multiple boxes. 3) The quality of the font may not be as good for printing if you optimize the file. 4) Did you first create the form on Acrobat or some other software? Did you copy and paste the form from elsewhere? It appears that there are already a layer of buttons. I will pass this onto our technical team to fix this problem. @Jacky In the mean time, we have deleted the extra buttons for you so you can continue working on your project. Please see below for the attached document. 5) Since you are working on Mac, you can upload your finished file directly onto Dropbox or Email. This button can be found under the "file" -> "share" tab. Your clients won't need PDFelement to fill out the form, just any PDF reader program. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you need any clarification. Thanks, Rebecca For Ron.pdf
  6. Print OCR search results

    Hi Taft, Our advanced OCR technology allows you to edit PDF files and recognizes over 24 different languages. Once you perform the OCR, the document becomes searchable, even if it is a scanned copy. If you are working with a form, you are also able to extract the data from the form fields into a separate excel sheet to compile the responses. When you say the "search results" of an OCR PDF, do you mean specific pages/chunks of a document? Thanks, Rebecca