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  1. pdf element trackpad not working

    Hey Thomas, I actually found that the correct keyboard shortcut for PDFelement to zoom in and out is "command -/+" as opposed to command and scroll. The development team is away on holiday due to Chinese New Year, so I have yet to hear back from them! Best, Rebecca
  2. text menu incomplete

    Hi Michel, Thanks for reaching out. The French and English versions are both the same! Currently, there is no tool for superscripts. However, this is a very good suggestion that I will forward to our development team. Best, Rebecca
  3. PDF Element shrinking down the File when printing

    Hey Ellice, Cute document, I love the pink font! Just to clarify, are you saying that when you try to print directly from PDFelement (screenshots above), there is a larger margin around the document? So for the screenshots above, the margins are too big (red line is what you want)? Thanks, Rebecca
  4. Export to Image

    Hi Don, Thanks for sending these over. I can see that the Adobe one is slight smaller, sitting at 33 KB as opposed to 37KB. The main feature in PDFelement that would help with reducing file size is optimization (found under "File" on Windows and "Save as Other" on Mac), as I believe you've already found. However, since the text on your document is so fine, the compression may make the words blurry. I will forward these files to our developers for them to take a look. Best, Rebecca
  5. pdf element trackpad not working

    Hey Thomas, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will forward this to the development team and we will try to get it onto the roadmap ASAP! In the meantime, I've found that command + scroll zooms the whole screen in. Hope this helps! Best, Rebecca
  6. Page View Doubled

    Hi Martinj, Could you attach a screenshot? I'll forward that to the development team for further troubleshooting. Thanks, Rebecca
  7. File name

    Hi eastra, Thanks for reaching out! Where do you see the file name? It shows up as I named in the file finder: It does show up longer in the file -> properties within PDFelement, is this what you're referring to? Best, Rebecca
  8. PDF Elements Pro change Lizenz

    Hey Roger, Glad to hear that your company would like to transition to PDFelement! I have forwarded your note to @Julian Ertelt who will be in touch to help with switching to a company license. Cheers, Rebecca
  9. Editing pdf files

    Hey Pierre, Thanks for attaching a copy of your PDF. I can see the issue that you have described! However, I am unable to replicate this and are also able to delete the spaces in the document that you've attached, so I would like to learn more about your situation and forward your note to the development team to get this fixed for you ASAP. I have edited existing text boxes, created new text boxes, and changed my system to French. Does the issue occur after you finish typing and save the document? Are you using a French keyboard? Are you Windows or Mac? Best, Rebecca
  10. Need to Remove Watermark from a PDF File

    No problem, happy to help!
  11. File Optimization

    Hey Bahrain, Thanks for getting back to me. After you deleted all the blank pages, how many pages did you have (out of the original 237 pages)? Best, Rebecca
  12. Thanks for the clarifications! I think I've seen this a couple of times, I'll forward your case and get a diagnosis from the development team. Best, Rebecca
  13. Sign X notifcations going to spam

    Hi Michael, Thank you for bringing our attention to this issue. I believe this is an issue related to the many filters that Gmail has set to sort the emails that are received. We can take a look at what may be triggering it to send our emails to spam. Aside from hitting the "not spam" button, you can also add the sender as a contact to prevent mail from going into the spam folder. Perhaps a solution for now can be to send an email to your clients and let them know about these two options. Best, Rebecca
  14. Header Footer in MAC equal to WIN version

    Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the clarifications, I'll forward this suggestion to development. Best, Rebecca
  15. OCR removing hyperlinked bookmarks

    Hey Matthew, Welcome to our Community, we're happy to have you here! I have found that if we utilize the custom settings under OCR, and DO NOT OCR the pages with hyperlinks attached to them, the hyperlinks will remain intact. For example, if your links are on page one, and they link to pages 2-5, as long as you OCR from page 6 onwards, the hyperlinks will work. Of course, this convenience is not always the case. If you would like to send me a version of your document and see what else we can do to make your process more efficient, feel free to send the file at Best, Rebecca