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  1. Dictionary

    Hey Heath, If you go into "File" -> "Preferences" -> General, there will be an option to enable word spell check. In the "Custom Dictionary" option, you can add words that may be spelt differently from the US Dictionary. Let me know if this helps. Best, Rebecca
  2. Problem inserting pdf

    Hey David, I found that this function worked for me when I went into "Page" -> "Insert". Could you please attach a screenshot of what you selected before the pop-up comes up? Thanks, Rebecca
  3. Wondershare PDFelement has stopped working

    Hey Chuck, Thanks for including the screenshots, they're very helpful. Were you able to select a document at all to open? Or did the software stay stuck on that progress bar as soon as you started the software? Sometimes an uninstall - re-install helps so you can try that as well. What version of PDFelement do you have? And what kind of computer are you operating from? I'll see if there are other reports of this happening. Let me know if you can think of any other details that may help! Best, Rebecca
  4. Insert a blank line in edit PDF mode

    Hello! Under "Edit", you can insert a text box to add text. Feel free to attach your file/a screen shot of what you hope to accomplish and I can provide further instructions! Best, Rebecca
  5. License Transfer

    Hi Salvo, Thanks for reaching out. Please contact our customer support email and detail your case and let them know that you would like to de-register the license from your current computer. Uninstalling the software from the computer would not notify our backend of the change! The email is Best, Rebecca
  6. Using Javascript with Forms

    Hi Txguy5199, Here is a link to our user guides (both Mac and Windows). This can be found under "Forum Resources" on the Home Page of this Community. I like your suggestion of a downloadable version as well. The main obstacle that I see is that the product goes through many updates so the guide would constantly change and users would need to continuously download the PDF. Maybe a good solution would be to have a guide that you can access directly through the program when you're offline. Let me know if you have any other ideas! Best, Rebecca
  7. Poor Signature Module

    Thank you for your detailed feedback! We will look into the signature feature.
  8. Text Box Editing

    Hi Paul, I am not entirely sure what you mean by horizontally and vertically, but once you start typing in a text box, you can drag the sides and adjust accordingly. Cheers, Rebecca
  9. Convert JPEG to PDF

    Hi Terry, What is the program that you are using? I'll take a look, as I am having trouble visualizing what you have described above. Thanks, Rebecca
  10. Extracting Multiple Pages

    Hey Gerald, Thanks for reaching out. You can use the "Split" option instead, splitting the document into 20 different documents. It will automatically name the files in sequence and save it into a folder: Let me know if you have any additional questions! Best, Rebecca
  11. البرنامج لا يعمل معي

    Thanks for reaching out! What kind of issues are you experiencing?
  12. no me instala mi compra

    Hi Marco, We have taken a look at your account, and it seems as though your license was for PDFelement 5, which is why it's incompatible with PDFelement 6 (shown above). Please download PDFelement 5 and let me know if the issue still persists: Best, Rebecca
  13. no me instala mi compra

    Hey Marco, Just to make sure I am understanding you correctly: you have purchased PDFelement, but find that when you open the program, you are stuck on this loading screen and unable to access the software? Best, Rebecca
  14. Asking for upgrade when I've already purchased.

    Hey there, Please let me know the email address attached to your license and I'll take a look at your account. You can send the information to me at Best, Rebecca
  15. Poor Print Quality with Post Script Driver

    Thanks Sarah, That's totally understandable. I have forwarded the file to our developers and will definitely know if we have additional follow-up questions. As Julian mentioned, feel free to email us as well! Best, Rebecca