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  1. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    Thanks I'll give it a try.
  2. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    So in the meantime is there anything I can do to complete my Intake Form Project? Make the Radio buttons select only one feature Make the Check boxes check all that apply feature Get better font re-production when printed? Avoid Multiple Box overlays that are not visible unless printed Understand better the form distribution options
  3. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    I create the boxes and button using PDFElement by Wondershare To get blank Optimized form I open in Preview or Skim, When I open via chrome or Acrobat Pro I see the buttons & Boxessoem are distorted see attached Optimized open in Chrome See multi-buttons.tiff
  4. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    I opened the "Optimized PDF" with Adobe acrobat and now see the text fields (can input) but the buttons and Boxes (can't input.) See attached frame grab. showing weird boxss Optimixed PDF Arcobat open, Boxes.tiff
  5. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    1) Here is the optimize form I try to generate an dit comes up blank 150DPI Screen shot of optimized form showing no text and only a few buttons. 2) Screen shot if Kerned funk fonts. I'm using Airal 3) so they do need some type of Adobe Reader? or other PDF reader software? Grabbed Optimize frame showing no text and limited buttons.tiff Grab of Save PDF showing kerning.tiff Saved PDF .pdf Project Intake Form V10- Test2_Optimize.pdf
  6. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    Download 6.1.1 Same issues
  7. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    Sorry about the delay in responding 1. I'm building a project intake form on MAC using PDF Element Pro 6.1 scanned an existing form, added check boxes and radio button and text fields. 2. Looking to make the 6GB Form smaller so use the Optimize option From 5GB to under 1GB this process generates a blank PDF with several check boxes 3. I can print from PDF elements , but the fonts are funky kerning issues So most likely were scanned from OCR do I have to retype these in? 4. My goal is to have a Protect intake form I can have my client complete from my website or download the PDF and complete on their computers and send back to me. Do they require Adobe Acrobat installed? 5. My clients use Mac and PC 6. Cant seem to be able to attached by Working Doc even though it says 6MBs I'm get the 10MB pop up warning 7 Took the 6 MB when I went back into edit. Project Intake Form V10- Test2.pdf
  8. PDFelement 6 Pro Form Creation - bug

    Was this bug report ever resolved, I'm having similar issues exporting interactive PDFs They come up blank.
  9. Working on MAC Sierra, Version 6.10 I'm having the same problem as others from this community post, how to make the "interactive fillable" forms From PDF element function as regular PDF. I think I'm doing the adding of text, text fields and check boxes and radio buttons but they don't seem to work on PDFs or when exported as PDFS the pages are blank.or optimized to shrink the file size the interactivity doesn't work. Are there better tutorials, manuals or online descriptions of the "PDF form" creation process? Reviewed the existing materials is marginal.
  10. I have the same issues, making PDF forms. I cant get the forms to be active outside of "PDF Element" is there a save feature I'm missing? Does the "optimize save" feature disable the interactivity?