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  1. NO RESPONSE FROM ADMIN - Registration Code Invalid

    Still No Response. I believe the PROBLEM is that Wondershare sent me Registration Code for the WRONG PLATFORM. I did NOT ask for WINDOWS platform. I CHOSE MAC IOS PLATFORM FOR PDFELEMENT 6 PRO. PLEASE RESEND A CODE FOR IOS.
  2. This is my 3rd Attempt FOR HELP trying to simply get my Registration Code activated. I made the purchase for pdfelement 6 Pro and so far it has not served me. I am unable to get any work done. I have completely exited application file several times and gone back in to register code with my email. Will Not Accept Registration Code. The actual Tool does not provide you a place to LOGIN. I am only able to LOGIN on Wondershare PDFelement Community. I need to get THIS application working ASAP or REFUND ME. Angela Shepherd