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  1. Edit text in a table....

    Daphne, I sent you another message last night, but can't find it on here....so I'll re-write it here. Everything you've suggested so far has worked well. Here's my current challenge - I'm editing a 250 page document and every so often there is a table that I need to edit. So, I use the OCR function as you described above. When I do that, it opens up another document. Then, it seems as if I'm stuck in OCR mode. So, if I complete pages 1 - 42 and then need to edit a table on page 43, it opens up a new file. Then maybe I'll have another table on page 67. When I try to use the "customize pages" button, it seems to select the whole document even though I tell it to only OCR a specific page. I really don't want to OCR the entire document because that function actually creates some additional problems by misreading some characters. Can you help? Thank you!
  2. Edit text in a table....

    Thank you, Daphne....apparently I was just looking in the wrong place. I really appreciate your prompt reply. You've been awesome helping me through this. I love this PDF editor! Thank you!
  3. Edit text in a table....

    Daphne, One more question! I'm working in a document that is 250 pages long. Is it possible to perform OCR (as you described above) only on certain pages rather than on the entire document? When I perform OCR on the entire document, it seems to cause a few problems like mis-reading certain characters, etc. I only need the OCR function on a few tables scattered throughout the document. So, is it possible to perform OCR just on certain pages, as needed? Thank you!
  4. Edit text in a table....

    Daphne, it worked just as you described! Thank you so much. I would not have figured this out without your help. Appreciate your patience and working through this with me. David
  5. Edit text in a table....

    Daphne, I appreciate the effort you've put into this. I've been traveling today and working with clients tomorrow. On Tuesday evening, I'll give this a try and let you know how that works. Thank you!
  6. Edit text in a table....

    Wonderful, Daphne! I'll look forward to hearing from you. David Alumbaugh dga108@yahoo.com 816-686-4196
  7. Edit text in a table....

    Daphne, I just uploaded the file in the manner you suggested above. Please understand, however, I'm not suggesting there is a problem with the software. The problem is in my lack of understanding or lack of experience. I'm just hoping you can walk me through the process one time and then I'll be able to finish the rest of the document on my own. I have enjoyed using the program so far....it's just that I ran into a wall with these tables and can't seem to figure it out on my own. Thank you! David Alumbaugh
  8. Edit text in a table....

    Sorry, Daphne....I spoke too soon. I only have one page in a document that I tried to post here as well as to email to you but apparently it's too large. It is 21,727 kb even though it's just one page. Any other ideas on how I can this in front of you? David
  9. Edit text in a table....

    Hi, Daphne, Thank you for your prompt reply. I just sent you an email with the file attached. If possible, it would be quicker for me to explain over the phone what my specific question is. I included my phone number in the email or provide me with your phone number and I'll call. I won't take much of your time, I promise! Thank you. David Alumbaugh
  10. Hello, I am a new user to PDF Element 6 Pro....and a rookie at any kind of editing or graphics. I downloaded this product yesterday to make some edits to a training course book. Most of it is fairly basic - just correcting typos, word changes, etc. However, there are some text edits needed for content that is in a table or matrix. So, it's not as easy as just clicking on the text and making the correction. It appears that the text is in a "layer" and I have no idea how to make that correction. I've tried to move the grid out of the way but that only creates more issues. Again, I'm a novice....can anyone help? Thank you. David Alumbaugh