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  1. Calculations not correct

    I have a form that I would like to have take the subtotal and multiply by the discount percent. I have done this many times before however this time it is not working. I have all the data in and when I put in my first quantity it multiplies the quantity X unit price and I get a item total and that creates the subtotal however, it does not then multiply by the 2% discount after the subtotal to get the discounted total. The strange thing is it does work on the next input however, it is one behind. Due to the nature of the document I have changed some of the content and removed the business names however, it should function correctly. I am thinking it might have to do with the order of the form tabs however, if that is the case the other documents should not work. Thank you for any help you can send my way Order - Copy.pdf
  2. PDFelemet App

    I am trying to get a pdf from the Mail application to PDFelement on my ipad. It looks like to is going to work however, it does nothing. Please help. The following are the steps I am taking to move the file from email to PDFelements. I open my mail app Click on the email that contains the file. Click on the file and allow it to download. Click and hold Click in the popup menu Copy to PDFelement The mail app closes and PDFelement opens to the page that says Local however, the file that I was opening in not there nor is it open to allow editing.
  3. Email as PDF

    Well I waited and installed the update however, the issue is still happening and I have a few questions. All about the Buttons 1)The program seems to change the attachment type for no reason. You will see I have attached some images. I created a button that sends out 2 emails. One to the Google account and one to Yahoo. You can see they are both set for pdf however, when the button is ran 1 is changed one to FDF. I have changed it many time and it seems to still want to change one however, that pattern for the one does not seem to matter if it is Google or Yahoo - 1st or 2nd. 2) As far as the editing action not changing, I am not sure if that is the case or if it is displaying a new option when you open to edit. Currently no matter what I put in place if I have to make a change it opens with HTML selected and all the field selections "checked" 3) For the life of me I can not figure out Mouse Up - Mouse Down - Mouse Enter - Mouse Exit - On focus - On Blur can you please explain what the different actions are and how they work . The Mouse Up seem to be a mouse click? 4) Is there a way to display the fonts a better way when choosing to change the font it loads very slow and almost seems to lock up for a minute and you have to just let it go and hope it wakes up - then it is huge across the entire screen.
  4. Word to Wondershare PDFelemet

    I have PDFelements 6 Pro and when I opened the software yesterday it asked me to update. I installed the update and now when I am in word creating a document and what to make it a form with fields to fill-in. I go to file - print in word and it opens the PDFelements software however, the document never transfers over to the program to continue with the editing process. In addition it does not even state where the file went, if it was saved or is in a temporary location. This worked until the update. I found a work around by downloading a pdf printer and then bringing it into PDFelements however, now I have a watermark and I have your PDF editor I paid for. The other way opening the Word Doc directly in your program seems to still work. Can you please assist with how I can get this option to work again.
  5. Currency

    I ended up deleting the boxes all together and starting over, Next time I will send it your way. Thank you
  6. Multiple Signatures

    Yes I need to have one document that has 2 signatures. For example. If an employee is reprimanded and is put on an improvement plan they must sign the plan as well as the owner of the company. When I do this the first person signs and the next creates an error because the pdf signature believe the document has changed.
  7. Email as PDF

    Every time I create an email button to send it changes what the attachment is set to be (PDF) and send the FDF. How do I get it to send the entire pdf as it looks as an attachment.
  8. Currency

    I have my pdf almost ready to send out however, when I view the pdf in another reader as I know my targets do not have PDFelements why are the Currency symbols on the right side of the number and some of the numbers did not take the formatting. It looks great in PDFelements but seems to fall apart in other readers. For example some of the entrires before anything is added look like 0.00 and other look like 0 but they are copies of the same form field
  9. Subtracting Fields

    I am trying to add to numbers together and one is a negative. How can I get this to work if I can not subtract and the negative addition only results the positive number
  10. Sign and Email

    I am unable to get the email button to work. I create the button and enter all required information. When I am done creating I save the pdf and it opens into a viewer just like someone that would be getting the file would do. It opens in Adobe and when I click on the button to email the completed form it gives me an error. I have attached a screen shot of the error. I went to the email set-up in windows and it wants me to set up my email in outlook. I attempted to create an outlook user for my email accounts. I tried POP3 and the IMAP and both will not complete the set-up, I fill in all required information I located the settings in yahoo and checked with them to see if they were correct. When the setup attempts to send a trial email it fails. I went on to try other email accounts on Comcast and Google and they also failed. Please help me! I can not believe having a email sent to me from a pdf should be this difficult. There must be a better way to set up this feature. This is well beyond the knowledge of a normal user. When I send this file I expected the user to open it, fill it in, and send it back. This opens up many questions that I am at a dead end answering please assist. 1. Am I setting up the button wrong? 2. How does one know if it will work with the user? 3. How can I set-up the account on the users end to help them get it to work? 4. Can I set it up on my machine so it will work on my examples as well as if others send a pdf to me? 5. Does PDFelements have a viewer only that will make sure everything we create will work? Please assist! I need this to work and I must be missing something.
  11. Tab Order

    After working on that document another one allowed each page to start over at 1 what determines if the document has to be set entirely at one time or it can be page by page.
  12. Fields

    I ended up having to have scroll long text and multi-line both selected is that correct. I sees like they would work against each-other.
  13. Multiple Signatures

    I have PDFelement that I believe runs esign. I created a documents that needs to be signed by two people and saved in a file. Once person one puts their digital signature on the document it forces a save. Then when person 2 puts their digital signature on the file it forces a signature and the file states that is has issues and can not be verified. The first signature becomes unusable. I can 2 people sign 1 document and they both stay active. 2nd issue. 4 places a person might sign as more things happen. How can additional signatures be entered withour voiding the old ones. For example on day one you get a raise of .50 hour and you sign. 5 months down the line you get another .25 hour raise you need to sign to accept however, the line above that had the first sign in invalid. PF-9 MedCenter Pay Rate Change.pdf PF-8 MedCenter Handbook Signature.pdf
  14. Fields

    I am trying to create a filed that will make the text wrap to go into paragraph form. I would think I should go to Properties - options and select multi-line. When I do this and type in the field it just gets to the end of the line and stops with an error sound. I am not seeing a difference between scroll long text - multi-line or nothing clicked. Please help with this matter!
  15. Tab Order

    Is there a way to order the tabs starting at different location than 1. For example I have 100 tabs locations in a document and I need to flip two of them. The only way I have figured out how to do this is start clicking at 1 and click every location until the end of the pdf. The same seems to happen when I had to had a tab (field) in order for it to fall in place I had to start at 1.