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  1. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hi, Any news? Unfortunately still have to use Adobe on my laptop to read pdf files proper, while the scaling issue in Wondershare is still not fixed after the last update Thanks for the new info concerning this problem. Can't wait Jarbas
  2. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hi, Do you already have a release date when the scaling issue will be updated? I've downloaded the latest version but no update concerning the scaling issue yet. Thanks in advance Jarbas
  3. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hello Jacky, Here 2 uploads with latest version 1) resolution: 1920x1080 scale: 100% high quality icons and images 2) resolution: 3200x1800 scale: 225% hazy, blurry icons and text. Best regards,
  4. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hello Daphne, Do you also have some more info about the scaling issues in the next update? Best regards,
  5. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Thanks. I appreciate
  6. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hi Daphne, Thanks for your quick response. I have the latest version of PDFElement Pro 6. Only When I decrease my resolution to 1920 x 1080 and scaling it to 100% then I have a sharp image file, text and icons, then everything is very small on my 13 inch laptop. My other software don't have this issue. Please could for it to technical issues to have the software support for 3200x1800? Thanks again for the service.
  7. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Dear, I'm having the new PDF Element Pro version and really like it!. Great work. I'm also having some trouble using the software with my Dell XPS 13 laptop resolution 3200x1800 settings at scale settings 225% and 250%. Will there be a solution soon, while all the text and icons in the PDF Element software looks blurry and unreadable when using. Thank you in advance.