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  1. I did have both PDFelement 6 Pro and PDFelement installed on my PC. I didn't see the point of having both so I uninstalled PDFelement. I would like to have PDFelement 6 Pro as my default printer but Control Panel only finds PDFelement NOT PDFelement 6 Pro. How can I make PDFelement 6 Pro my default printer as I really don't see the point of having both versions installed. Thank you Geeaygee
  2. Do I need to uninstall PDFelement?

    Thanks Jacky I have set Pro 6 as the default but for some reason if I open a PDF file, it opens in the standard PDFelement. Maybe I should uninstall PDFelement 6?
  3. Do I need to uninstall PDFelement?

    Hi all I have upgraded to PDFelement 6 Pro and have set it as my default PDF reader/editor. However when I open a PDF file it keeps opening it with PDFelement (ie not Pro). Should I uninstall PDFelement and just have the Pro version to stop this happening? Thanks Gwenda
  4. Interactive PDF form on web

    Thanks! I hope it can be solved. Geeaygee
  5. Interactive PDF form on web

    Hello again Daphne I have tried using the form in Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader and PDFelement - they all will attach the file to an email when you press the SUBMIT button. However Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Reader & Internet Explorer don't. These last programs are the ones that most of my users would have on their PC. Is their some way I can get these programs to SUBMIT the form? Would appreciate any help Cheers Geeaygee
  6. Interactive PDF form on web

    Hi Rebecca I just saw that the 2nd screen shot is for a Mac. That's why I can't find it on my version!! Cheers Geeaygee
  7. Interactive PDF form on web

    Hi Rebecca What version of PDFelement are you using? I can't find where the Submit Form Selections in the second screen clip. I am using PDFelement Pro V6.2.0.2604 but can only find the first clip under Properties>Actions Cheers Geeaygee
  8. Interactive PDF form on web

    Hi Daphne I created the form and added a SUBMIT button which attaches the filled out form to an email ready to be sent. It works fine within a PDF reader but doesn't work when the form is loaded from a website in the browser ie not in a PDF program. Is there some way to make it work from a webpage without the user having to download it to a PDF reader? I have chosen to send it as a PDF not a FDP as this wouldn't open when I tried with Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader I am trying to make it user friendly for users without them having to download/save/attach & send. Some are not so savvy! Thanks for your help. Cheers Geeaygee
  9. Interactive PDF form on web

    Hello I am the web manager for a dog rescue group and use forms to collect information from people wanting to adopt one or rehome a dog. For many years I used cgiemail but it has stopped working and is no longer supporting by Cpanel I have created an interactive PDF form using PDFelement Pro to be placed on my website for users to supply information that I need. What I would like do is place a button on the form that will save it and then email the filled out copy to me. Is this possible? Thanks for your help Regards Geeaygee
  10. Edit Text will not delete or add test

    Thanks Daphne I ran OCR on the file but there were images in it which were ruined after I ran OCR. Yes I could change the number I needed to but the images were totally unrecognisable. Is this the only way to edit a PDF? Is there a way to copy & paste a segment of text? Thanks
  11. Edit Text will not delete or add test

    Hi I have just upgraded to PDFelement 6 Pro (Version and have been trying to delete a number that is incorrect. I click on Edit Text - Line Mode and the line I want to edit appears with a blue box around it. However when I click in it to use Backspace or even Delete it doesn't do anything. I have also tried to add a character but it won't do that either. However I do notice that the blue box seems to reduce. I am sure I have done this previously with no problems so have no idea why it isn't working this time. The permissions are OK, I have allowed all modes of edit. The document was originally scanned on a Canon printer. What am I doing wrong - it is VERY frustrating! Hope someone can help Cheers Geeaygee